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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if the debtor contacts me after a debt is submitted?
A: This is quite common, and is actually often a positive sign as it shows the debtor is now paying attention to your credit. We require that you make no statement other than to direct the debtor to us. This is to ensure that all regulations regarding debt collection are observed (failure to adhere to regulatory requirements can potentially render a debt legally unrecoverable), and that all contact is correctly logged should it be needed for litigation purposes.

Q: How do you collect your commission once my debt is collected?
A: If a payment is made directly to us by the debtor, the amount is forwarded to an account you specify by BACS transfer. Should a debtor make a payment directly to you, an invoice will be generated.

Q: How much is your commission?
In most standard UK cases, the fee we charge will vary depending on size of debt, Value of debt and aged of debt. For a full breakdown of our fees please fill in contact page with all details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Q: What happens if the debtor is in liquidation/receivership?
A: If a debtor is genuinely in liquidation or receivership, no debt collection agency will be capable of recovering the funds. It is, unfortunately, not unheard of for debtors to claim they are in receivership when they are actually still actively trading. Should a debtor be verified as genuinely in liquidation, the debt will be returned to you and no charge will be incurred in line with our no-win, no-fee commitment.

Q: Should you take my debtor to court, will I need to attend?
A: If the case is contested, yes. You will need to explain the nature of the case to the court.

Q: What exactly do you do when collecting a debt?
A: We believe in a highly bespoke and flexible approach to debt collection. While each case is different, there are a range of strategies we utilise.

Q: Can I recover the costs of debt collection?
A: That depends on a variety of factors. If, in the credit agreement with your debtor, you stipulated that they are responsible for the costs of any recovery action, then the debtors can be held responsible for our fees. However, even if this is not a term of your agreement, we can still add some charges onto the debt in line with the Late Payment Act.

Q: Are there any upfront retainer fees or ongoing charges?
A: No. We don't charge up front for debt collection at any stage of the debt collection process. All funds are charged against the amount collected.

Q: If a judgment is awarded, what is the actual likelihood of receiving a payment?
A: Unfortunately, across the UK the statistics are not great. However, this is largely influenced by debt collection agencies and creditors taking debtors to court despite the debtor genuinely being unable to pay. We believe county or sheriff court action to be only valid should the debtor be able but unwilling to pay, and our profiling enables us to identify cases where this is appropriate at an early stage.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Contact our debt collection agency, in Surrey, to ask any questions that do not appear on this page.

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