Outsourcing Credit Control in Surrey

Outsourcing your credit control to JJ Collect Ltd means you will be able to get on with getting more clients on board, safe in the knowledge that the most important aspect of your business – invoices getting paid – is being looked after in a professional manner. We can work on a disclosed or undisclosed basis and even chase the customers before any invoices are due. The benefits to you include more cash in the bank, reduced finance costs, less staffing problems, issues dealt with at an early stage, and reduced bad debts. Contact our credit control company today to find out more.

A Service That’s Tailored to You

Our service varies with each and every client. With some customers, we provide support to their existing in-house team, operating as little as half a day each week. Our service includes:

  • All Phone Calls, Emails, and Letters Made using Your Name

  • Weekly Reports Showing Activity, Summary of Debt Position, and Direct Payments

  • Query Management Reporting to Resolve Customer Problems and to Show Patterns in Recurring Disputes/Queries and Potential Issues in Resolution

  • Bad Debtors to be Referred to Our Debt Recovery Service at an Agreed Point in the Process, Should You Approve the Escalation

  • Ongoing Consultancy Services to Review the Order and Cash Process to Ensure Efficiency and Productivity

for further information on our credit control company.